Swisstrax Flooring Tile Installation

Before You Begin Your Garage Installation

Swisstrax interlocking flooring tiles must be site conditioned at room temperature (72° F or higher) for a period of 24 hours prior to installation. It is ideal to put the tiles which will be placed at the front of the garage in the direct sunlight for a period of time prior to installation to allow the tiles to expand, especially if they will be exposed to direct sunlight when the garage door is open.


Step 1: Preparation (Optional)

While this is an optional step, we highly recommend it. First, clear the flooring surface of any removable objects and/or items. Second, sweep or vacuum an excess dirt and debris off of the flooring surface.


Step 2: Locate Your Starting Point

Start in the Northwest corner of your garage.


NOTE: A minimum expansion gap of 1/4″ (quarter-inch) for Ribtrax tiles and 1/2″ (half-inch) for all other tile styles should be left at the walls and/or any other immovable objects such as cabinets, vehicle lifts, support beams etc.


Step 3: Installing Your First Tile

Place your first tile (Tile A) in the Northwest corner with the pegged “male” sides facing the North and West walls. Remember to leave an expansion gap between the tile and the wall.

Step 4: Installing the Next Tile

Replicate the position of Tile A (Pegged “male” sides facing North and West walls) and align Tile B’s “male” side over the looped “female” side ofTile A. With the palm of your hand, simply press down on Tile B to interlock into Tile A.

Step 5: Completing the First Row

Continue across with your first row until you reach the East wall. NOTE: If cutting is necessary, refer to the “Cutting Recommendations” below for instructions.

Step 6: Installing Additional Rows

Return to the West wall and repeat Steps 4-5 until the first three rows are complete.

Step 7: Installing Edges

Following completion of the first three rows, connect the edges to Row 1. Edges are only needed between the garage door rails. Refer to the“Edge Installation” instructions below.NOTE: Edges may have to be cut to fit within the rails.

Step 8: Positioning Your Edges

This step begins by closing your garage door. Gently push the first three rows of tiles with attached edges up against garage door for a precise fit.

Step 9: Continuing Your Floor Installation

Resume Steps 4-5 until the South wall is reached. Be sure to check the alignment of your floor as you progress. Cutting may be necessary along the South wall to complete install.


Step 1: Identifying the edges

If your design requires edges, your delivery will contain either looped “female”edges or pegged “male” edges with clip adapters.Click on image to enlarge.

Step 2: Attaching the edge

With pegs and loops aligned, begin by pressing the sides of the tile into the edge, working your way to the center. This may take a little pressure and you will feel a “snap” when the tile is attached to the edge. 

Click on image to enlarge.

All Swisstrax tiles and edges can be cut with an electrical saw such as a circular saw, jig saw, table saw, etc. A fine toothed blade is recommended.

NOTE: When making your cuts, be sure to position your tile accordingly to ensure it interlocks with the rest of the floor. Refer to the tool manufacturer’s safety guidelines.

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