Swisstrax Frequently Asked Questions

Swisstrax Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best tile to use in a garage?

The Ribtrax is our premier tile and has been a “game changer” in the garage fl ooring industry. The Ribtrax tile
is perforated which allows debris such as sand, dirt, snow, salt, water,etc. to go through the tile so you have
a clean and presentable fl oor at all times. The Ribtrax is also equipped with a channel system on the under
structure of the tile that is ¼” and runs in all diff erent directions. This allows for cleaning of the under surface.
Many customers use a pressure washer, shop vac, or yard blower to maintain their fl oor. Beauty is maintenance
with the Ribtrax tile is minimal!

Can you turn vehicle tires on your tiles?

Yes, you can turn tires on Swisstrax tiles. With that said, I always give our customers a heads up that we don’t recommend turning tiles fully while the vehicle is at a standstill. This can put a lot of stress on the
connection system.

Can I remove a single tile from the middle of the floor?

ABSOLUTLEY!! This is one thing we are known for. You can take a flat headed screw driver or what we use is a paint can opener. You can grab a corner and remove a single tile due to our QUICK-SNAP System. This is
extremely unique in our industry.

Do you need a rubber underlay under the tiles?

The rubber underlay is only suggested if you are NOT doing a wall-to-wall install such as a car pad or if you are using a sold tile such as Diamondtrax, Cointrax or Floortrax for sound-dampening purposes. This is completely up to the customer on whether they would like to use a rubber underlay in their wall-to-wall install.

Can the tiles be installed over cracks?

Yes, Swisstrax can be installed directly over cracks with no height differential. The only time a red flag comes up is if there is a crack that can be about ¾” in height differential and depending on where the cracks fall in accordance to where the vehicle is being driven. Many companies such as Ford, GM, Barrett Jackson along with many others use our floors in parking lots during events with vehicles driving over or parked on them. Haven’t seen a garage floor as bad as a parking lot floor yet!

Can I install the Swisstrax floor over a drain?

ABSOLUTELY! The Ribtrax tile is PERFECT for a garage with a drain due to the fact that all the water will run through the channel system on the understructure of the tile into the drains. If a customer is dead-set on going with a solid tile, they can use the Sportrax tile that is perforated (no channel system on understructure like
Ribtrax) over the drain so it may still be utilized. Also, remember, with our QUICK-SNAP System you can remove the single tile over the drain for maintenance and cleaning.

Can Swisstrax be installed over in-floor radiant heating?

Yes, we highly recommend using the Ribtrax tile to allow for the heat to escape through the fl oor to maximize efficiency. We do not recommend solid tiles such as the Diamondtrax, Cointrax or Floortrax because you would be trapping the heat which could cause the tile to expand at a high rate leading to possible buckling.

Are Swisstrax tiles waterproof?

Even though Swisstrax tiles are known as having the tightest snap-system on the market, they are not waterproof in regards to where the tiles interlock with each other.

Are the tiles chemical resistant?

Yes, all our tiles are chemical resistant to oils, hydraulic fluids, etc. We have done many airline hangars due to the fact that our tiles are chemical resistant against skydrol which is known for its high corrosion rate.

Can I jack my vehicle up on Swisstrax tiles?

Of course, our tiles have a psi up to 2,855 to 4,049 along with a rollover strength of over 70,000lbs!

What are Swisstrax tiles made of?

100% Virgin Polypropylene

Are adhesives needed to install Swisstrax Floor tiles?

No, Swisstrax Modular Floor Tiles are a floating floor system.

How do you clean the tiles?

There are a few ways to clean the tiles and this depends on the style of tile you have chosen. With the solid tiles such as the Diamondtrax, Cointrax and Floortrax, you will maintain then just like you do a typical fl oor. You can use a hose to wash the tiles off or sweep debris away using a broom. This is the beauty of the Ribtrax tiles as it is known as the “Low Maintenance” tile. You can use a pressure washer or hose to spray down the tiles letting the debris run through the channel system below the tile out the garage door entry. Also popular is using a shop vac or yard blower. If something spills and leaves a residue circle, you can use a solution such as Simple Green
or Greased Lightning which can be found in any general store.

Can you put a four post lift on Swisstrax tiles?

My answer is always the same … “Can you put a lift on Swisstrax?…ABSOLUTELY. Do I recommend it? … NO”. Reason being, polypropylene tiles expand and contract like any other modular flooring. So even though the tiles can handle the psi of the lift, we recommend cutting around the tiles to allow the floor to expand and contract.

Can different Swisstrax styles of tiles be interlocked with each other?

The tiles such as the Diamondtrax, Cointrax, Floortrax and Sportrax are all 13” x 13” x ½” and can be interlocked with each other. The Ribtrax tile is 15 ¾” x 15 ¾” x ¾” and cannot be combined with other styles.

Can you use Swisstrax tiles on stairs?

Yes, but we do not highly recommend this. You can use the tiles on stairs but extra installation and materials are needed. We will typically recommend using a color matched paint on the stairs.

Do Swisstrax tiles release an off -gas?

Absolutely NOT! This is the beauty of 100% Virgin Polypropylene. Unlike PVC products (Polyvinyl Chloride) which many garage tiles are made of and are extremely hazardous to the environment, PP (Polypropylene) does not release an off -gas and is 100% recyclable.

Are Swisstrax tiles mold and mildew resistant?

Yes, depending on the tile style and application. If you have an application that involves a lot of moisture or high volumes of humidity, then Ribtrax tiles are a must. Ribtrax allows for ventilation and air flow throughout your flooring system, so bacterial, mold and mildew issues are completely eliminated.